Expeditions for Life is about developing the essential skills necessary for safe, fun and environmentally ethical travel through the wilderness.  It is about surrendering into the natural cycles and allowing the perfect mirror of nature to reveal the great mysteries of life!

Expeditions for Life is a vehicle, figuratively and literally, for connecting with nature, each other and our selves.

Each purposeful journey unveils unique competencies in each individual.  Practical life skills develop naturally through communication and leadership, food preparation and preservation, hands-on technical skills, navigation, fire-making, animal tracking and more.

Do you hear the call of nature?  Then please join us.  Call or write to us in order to connect. Contact us

Natural Cycles

There is a natural cycle to every experience whether it is a day, a season or a lifetime.  Below is a map of the natural learning cycle showing the 8 directions. Our approach is to stay attuned with the qualities of each direction, helping us to meet the moment with as much clarity and wisdom as possible. 



Within YOU is the most intelligent and informed guidance system you will every have. If we try to control your learning outcomes, we would prevent this inner knowing from growing and reaching maturity.  To yield is to give way and this is the foundation for Expeditions for Life. Our guides yield to allow the quintessential You to express itself revealing your ultimate true-nature.


Everyone experiences moments of transformation throughout life.  They can happen at any time and without warning.  It is our job to nurture the connections that lead to spontaneous realizations as new awareness grows.  We look for indicators of awareness that reveal natural edges of child-like curiosity and passion.  Here is where confidence can grow and develop into one’s gifts.


Each moment provides a context for learning.  Mentoring is a skill that demands total presence.  Our guides act as invisible mentors by asking 3 levels of questions that stimulate curiosity and wonder.  This dormant art in our “culture” has been with our species from the beginning of time.  You too can discover the art of cultural mentoring by connecting with a community like Expeditions for Life.

Nature as our Guide

The symbols and clues that guide us on our way exist in nature.  To help catalyze this understanding with our participants, we utilize a powerful mentoring companion called Coyote’s Guide for Connecting with Nature, written by Jon Young, Ellen Haas and Evan McGown.  It is an incredible resource for applying the art of mentoring in a nature based context and it offers endless ways to consider how the mystery of life can show us the way.

Activities Explored

  • Sailing, Sea-kayaking, Trekking, Canoeing, Paddle Boarding and Rock-climbing.

  • Culinary Arts and Food Preservation/Preparation Techniques

  • Navigation, Weather Interpretation and Practical Seamanship.

  • Wilderness Sit-Spots, Expanding Awareness Practices and other Core Routines.

  • Video Production and Social Media Technologies


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